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Is Little Rock the new Austin????

I've never really given Little Rock a ton of thought either good or bad. I know that the Clintons are from there and I'm a college football guy so I know about the Razorbacks and their last coach's inability to safely drive his motorcycle, but outside of that, not much. The reason I'm asking is a conversation I had with a customer who moved there and was back in AZ for a visit. He'd spent some time in Austin in the 80's and he swore that Little Rock reminded him of Austin before its current boom. Some cool live music venues, a burgeoning foody trend, a liberal bent, an old downtown that was making a comeback without destroying its old architecture, and a beautiful surrounding environment including rolling green hills and rivers running through the city. I've been hooked ever since.

Jen and I love Austin. If we only take one vacation a year, that's where we go. We've often talked about opening a store there because of the music scene, the food, and all the great people we've met over the years in Austin and also met as customers shopping in our store in Scottsdale. We've considered Nashville and Memphis for the same reasons we've considered Austin.

So what about its people? Is Little Rock  potentially the new Austin? What's the music scene like? How's the food? Is BBQ king? Are food trucks popping up? Are the people friendly? Any good local brews? Do people like funky clothes?

Let me know. I'd love to read your opinions. I'm excited to check the place out. Til next time....

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